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The Volume Of Ph.D. And Doctoral Dissertations


Differences between a Ph.D. dissertation and a doctoral dissertation. The graduate student is already familiar with such types of research as the thesis and the master's thesis, so he can compare their volume. But about the quantitative difference between candidate and doctoral dissertations, questions may arise. When you buy them on write my papers pay attention to what you want to get. Of course, the volume of the doctoral dissertation exceeds the Ph.D., the difference is about 100 pages. If the lower bar for the volume of a Ph.D. thesis is 120-150 pages, then, for a doctoral dissertation, this value is 200-220 pages. Considering these indicators, the graduate student should be careful with the volume and not bring it to the "state" of the doctoral dissertation, since the excess of pages is a "bad form" for scientific work.


Does the number of pages affect the reviews of opponents?


How is the volume of the thesis estimated by reviewers? It is known that the huge volume of Ph.D. thesis does not always play into the hands of its author, since opponents do not like such "stunning" works. In some cases, a graduate student defending his overly many-page work is bombarded with negative reviews in reviews. To avoid negative points on the defense, try to order the text from next time to make it perfect. Write the work "in moderation", give priority to the quality of the information presented, not the number of pages.


Tips for Determining the Optimal Volume


Advice on the correct determination of the volume of a Ph.D. thesis.

  1. In modern scientific circles, there is an unspoken rule regarding the volume of a Ph.D. thesis: it should consist of 180 pages, which also includes a list of references and appendices.
  2. Each part of the Ph.D. thesis has its own requirements for the volume, but experts say that it is important to remember that the number of pages between the information in the main part must be distributed evenly. Allowed a difference of 10-15 pages.
  3. The total volume does not include annexes, tables, figures and a list of used literature. These parts are also not limited by the scope of the volume, but it must be remembered that the list of references must contain at least 100 sources (for techies) and at least 130 items (for humanities).
  4. All pages need to be numbered, the total includes the title page, but the number is not put on it.


The optimal volume is an “external” indicator of the author's ability to correctly select and present information, because the number of pages is a parameter that the opponent immediately pays attention to. However, volume is just a shell behind which quality material should be hidden.


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